Year 7 students:
(1) Your first task is to find a data set that interests you. You could try the Australian Bureau of Statistics which has data collected from the Australian census conducted every three years. It has social data sets with information about age of population, health, crime, country of birth, how time is spent and tourism. The Australian Census at School data has simplified data sets about eye colour, favourite pets, concentration time and birth months. This page has specific questions to be investigated.
Australian Food Statistics 2007
Participation in Sport
Motor vehicle census - Vehicles registered in Australia in 2007.
Sources and uses of water in Australian Households.
Australia's Environment - Issues and Trends
Food intake for different age and gender trends.
Pet ownership in Australia

Otherwise, you will need to do a Google, Ask Jeeves or other search to find the data you need to answer a specific question. For example:
"Do more Australians prefer Holden or Ford?" could be found by searching for 'car sales statistics Australia'. "Do more females prefer chocolate to lollies than males?" may be found by searching "chocolate consumption statistics sales confectionary"

(2) Your second task is to put the data into a table on your page on the wiki. Make sure you include headings for your rows and columns and the units you are measuring.

(3) Task three is to present the data in the appropriate graphical format - is it better as a line graph, column graph, bar graph or pie chart?

(4) You now need to write a paragraph of at least five sentences that describes your data set and the information that the graph represents.