• What GRAPHS, CHARTS, and STATISTICS can your students find to show mathematics at work in the real world ?

      • It's Easy. Find an example of a graph, chart, or statistic and use it to tell us all about math in your life.

      • Use VoiceThread to share your example, ask questions, pose problems, and further explore the data.

      • Let's work together to help students find common connections across their experiences and cultures.


  • To develop a sense of community, CHALLENGE 1 focuses on the strand of Data Analysis.

  • Teachers may choose to have students work individually, in a group, or as a whole class.

  • Students (partners, class) will have their own individual wiki page for posting their EXAMPLE and PROBLEMS for others to explore.

  • For the DATA ANALYSIS CHALLENGE, students will share at least one REAL WORLD example of a graph, chart, and/or statistic using VOICETHREAD on their individual wiki page in Math Connections..

  • Students POSTING the EXAMPLE will use VOICETHREAD to pose questions and problems about their real world example for others to explore and solve.

  • Students will be partnered with students in another class, enabling them to work collaboratively to ask questions and solve the problems posed. See the Students and Partners Page.

  • Partners will respond to the VOICETHREAD by answering the questions posed, solve the problems presented, and may also ask questions for clarification or further investigation.