Where can your students find Numbers at work in the real world?
Let's work together to help students find common connections across their experiences and cultures.
Choose whether Level 1 or Level 2 best meets your needs and schedule.

Guidelines for CHALLENGE 3:

Level 1
It's Easy. Find an example of a real problem that you have that needs operations with numbers to solve it.
Post your problem along with a picture in our Operations Gallery VoiceThread for others to solve.
View the Gallery and have your students post their observations, thoughts, solutions and extensions of the problem.

Level 2
that reveal how number operations are used in their daily jobs.

  • To develop a sense of community, CHALLENGE 3 focuses on the strand of Number Operations.
  • Teachers may choose to have students work individually, in a group, or as a whole class.
  • Students (partners, class) will have their own individual wiki page for posting their INTERVIEW and PROBLEMS for others to explore.

  • TEACHERS: The interview and related problems can focus on the students’ exploration of many different number operations concepts. Identify the mathematical concepts you wish your students to explore and then guide them to ask questions in their interview that will help them create problems for their partner related to those concepts.

Possible Concepts to Develop

Number Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Divison
  • Operations with Whole Numbers
  • Operations with Decimals
  • Operations with Fractions
  • Operations with Integers

What will students do?
  1. Begin by selecting a school or community member to interview about their job and their use of mathematics within their job.
  2. Schedule an interview and prepare questions to ask.
  3. Conduct their interview and will use a digital camera or MP3 to record it.
  4. Review their interview and select a short portion they will share with their partner.
  5. Create a math problem for their partner to solve based on the part of the interview that was shared.
  6. Create a VoiceThread, podcast, or video and upload it to their wiki page to share with their partner.
  7. Review your partner's wiki page, solving the problem that was presented.
  8. Extend each other's thinking with further questions and comparisons.