Some ideas for how to get started with this project:

Prior to Lesson 1: Distribute and collect signed permission slips (sample permission slip

Lesson 1: Introduce project. Provide students with their wikispaces UserName and Password.

Lesson 2: Talk about online safety and appropriate peer response behavior - so that when they do respond to their partner, they do it well.

Lesson 3: Demonstrate how to navigate through Wikispaces and edit in wikispaces.

Lesson 4: Introduce Math Connections partners, write an "about me" page

Lesson 5 - 6: Have students explore and find examples of real graphs, charts, and statistics. Ask students to create or select at least one graph, chart, and/or statistics that they will share with their partner. Have students generate questions about their data that will CHALLENGE their partner to think critically, solve problems, and explore further questions.

KidsZone Learning with NCES - Create a Graph Offers a great site to view a variety of graphs and also students to create their own graphs.
ChartGizmo Offers a simple online chart builder that is able to be placed on a website in minutes.
GraphTools Provides a convenient way of visualizing numerical data in three easy steps.

Lesson 7: Demonstrate how to use Voice Thread to create their CHALLENGE. Show students how to upload their data pictures or video and how to record their CHALLENGE ideas and questions either in written or audio format.

Lesson 8: Demonstrate how to embed their VoiceThread into their individual wiki page.

Lesson 9 - 10: View partner VoiceThreads. Respond to VoiceThread in written or audio format. Answer questions, solve problems, and ask

Lesson 11: Respond to partner's responses on VoiceThread, answer any questions, clarify ideas, discuss data.

Lesson 12: Congratulations