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Some ideas for how to get started with this project:

Prior to Lesson 1:

  • Distribute and collect signed permission slips.
  • Place all of your students / groups on the the Students and Partners page, linking them to their own wiki page.
  • Make a decision about the geometry concepts you will ask the students to us in their drawings.
  • Review the collaborative drawing tools available and select the one that your students will use.
  • Contact the teacher of your partner class. Discuss the geometry concepts your classes will address and the tools students will use to create their collaborative drawings.
  • Plan with the teacher of your partner class if you would like students to talk with each other using Skype, videoconferencing or other VOIP tools.

Lesson 1: Introduce project. Provide students with their wikispaces UserName and Password. Set classroom learning expectations for the project and review the final Assessmentwith students.

Lesson 2: Talk about online safety and appropriate collaborative and peer response behavior - so that when they do respond to their partner, they do it well.

Lesson 3: Demonstrate how to navigate through Wikispaces and edit in wikispaces.

Lesson 4: Introduce Math Connections partners, write an "about me" page

Lesson 5: Have students brainstorm a list of ideas they could use in their drawing and list their ideas on their wiki page.

Lesson 6 - 7: Demonstrate how to use the Drawing Tool of your choice to create their collaborative drawing. Show students how to upload their drawings to their wiki page.

Lesson 8: View partner Drawing. Demonstrate using the Discussion Tab to provide Peer Feedback. Select one drawing and model how to respond using the 3-2-1 Feedback Technique.

Lesson 9-10: Continue with Rounds 2 and 3 of Collaborative Drawing and Peer Feedback.

Lesson 11: Review the final Assessment with students and have them record in audio or written format their reflections on their learning and work throughout the project.

Lesson 12: Congratulations