As you work with online projects, students should follow these basic guidelines to stay safe:

=Never give out personal information.= ==Do not give out your full name (first names or nicknames are best).== ==Do not give out your home phone numbers.== ==Do not give out your home address.== ==Do not post or give out your password.== **

Do not give out or share your user name.


Do not give out or share your password.

  • Do not give out your email address.

  • You may share your interests, ideas and preferences.

  • Treat this online project space as classroom space.

    • Follow the guidelines in your school's technology use policy.

    • Log in only as yourself.

    • Use classroom appropriate speech.

    • Be an outstanding representative of your school.

  • Be cautious

    • Talk with your parent or teacher IMMEDIATELY if you are receiving requests asking you for detailed personal information or attempting to arrange secret meetings.