Please use one (or more) of the following resources to create on online representation of the math examples your students' discovered in the real world. Each of these online tools have directions, tutorials, and helps -- but feel free to email me (or use our QUESTION BOARD) to get help!!

Once you and your students are ready to share your project, please email me and I will add your link to the Student Projects.

If you create a blog, a wikispace, or a photoshare -- and you see an area available for TAGS -- please use MathConnections! Thank you!! Also, if you know of another online software you would like to use, please do so -- and email me the link so I can post it here! Thank you!

Also interested in videoconferencing? Select from one of the resources at the bottom of the page. Contact me through the wiki or at to request a partner class.

Drawing and Collaboration Tools for CHALLENGE 2 - GEOMETRY

There are a variety of drawing tools that can be used by students to create their drawings.

  • Twiddla The collaborative drawing area includes standard tools for freehand drawing, shapes, text and images you can upload from your computer. It allows you to display a grid and also invite others to collaborate on the drawing by sharing a provided url. Audio conferencing using Skype is also built in. You can also create a library of images and documents unique to your space, and, math teachers take note, there is even a section with mathematical formulas. Embed code provided for inserting into the wiki.
  • Thinkature A more slimmed-down, all-business collaborative drawing tool that has some extra features like integrated voice chat. Sign-up is required.
  • Dabbleboard The best overall collection of tools and a very intuitive (and spartan) user interface. It ‘cleans up’ basic shapes and makes them neater!). It supports multiple pages, allows you to display a grid, and has an expanding canvas.
  • ImaginationCubed A variety of shapes, pens, stampers, lines, text, and backgrounds enable you to create a drawing. It allows you to display a grid and also invite others through email to collaborate on the drawing. Pictures are able to be saved and sent to others.
  • SMART Notebook and PAINT programs have a variety of built in tools which are also good choices for individuals to create their drawings. Drawings can be saved as jpegs and inserted as images on the wiki to share with partners.
  • SketchUp and Geometer’s Sketch Pad offer even more possibilities for more advanced drawing.

Photosharing Resources

ANIMOTO Upload your images Create music videos for your images and pictures.synchronized to every beat of your music.

BUBBLESHARE -- A Online Photo Share Program Easy to use. Upload your photos. You can add audio and effects to your slideshow.
Click HERE for directions on how to set up a Bubbleshare. EXAMPLE

COMMUNITYWALK - Upload your images Create an interactive map or tour.

FLICKR -- An Online Photo Share Program Easy to use but a bit more sophisticated than Bubbleshare.Sometimes blocked by school filters.

ONETRUEMEDIA - Uload your images helps you turn your photos and video into awesome slideshows and video montages for free. Need to register.

SLIDESHARE -- Upload PowerPoint Presentations Take your Powerpoint to the Web Click HERE for directions on how to set up a Slideshare!. EXAMPLE

VOICETHREAD - Upload images and record voice. Enables collaborative conversations around images, docs and videos. Need to register.

Podcasting Resources

PODOMATIC -- Upload your recordings 500 mb Free Space to store your podcasts

Blog Resources

EDUBLOGS -- Journaling Option Free for teachers -- user friendly! EXAMPLE

GAGGLE.NET -- Blogs for Teachers/Students You need to register -- multiple accounts available!

Other Resources

GOOGLE DOCS -- Free Online Word Processor and More Allows you to share your editing with others. Spreadsheet option too!

GOOGLE PAGES -- Web Editor Create a webpage -- simply with templates! EXAMPLE

TEACHER WEB -- Web Page Design Easy to use -- lots of templates

WIKISPACES -- Wiki Pages Easy to Use -- NO ADS for Teachers!! PowerPoint Tutorial on Creating your first WIKISPACE

Interested in a LIVE interactive experience?

Select from one of the following resources to connect your class with other classes.

Videoconferencing Resources

  • Videoconferencing via IP - Requires the use of PolyCom, Tandberg, or other videoconferencing unit to connect live with other classes. See and talk with each other. Share actual examples and artifacts.
  • WizIQSchedule your own video sessions with others and transfer control to others to see their video. Upload your presentations for sharing with others.
  • Vyew FREE browser based collaboration and live conferencing program. It includes whiteboard that allows for shared viewing of: DOCs, PPTs, XLSs, JPGs, PDFs as well as real-time desktop sharing and screen capturing, text-chat and teleconferencing
  • YUGMA You get web conferencing and desktop sharing for free, AND you can invite up to 10 other people.
  • ELLUMINATE vroom Elluminate offers a smaller room you can host a conference for up to 3--
  • Skype is a peer-to-peer voice over internet network. Skype users can speak to other Skype users for free and record a 1/2 hour conversation. Also call traditional telephone numbers for a fee and receive calls from traditional phones making this a versatile method of synchronous and asynchronous communication.
  • Net Meeting is a FREE Microsoft download which enables web conferencing between multiple users. It has both chat and video capabilities in addition to the ability to share documents and files of all types.

Many thanks to Jennifer Wagner for sharing her "Salute To Seuss" List of Web2.0 Resources with us.

(All examples are from her "Charlotte's Web Winter 2007" project!)